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We offer Miracle Mineral Solution, Jim Humble's MMS, mms tablets, energy healing and spiritual counseling to improve your body, mind and spiritual well-being.

A variety of healing tools such as frequency healing CDs, Jim Humble's Miracle Mineral Solution, MMS Tablets or Trinity Table are offered to help you restore your health and balance of body, mind and spirit.

Here, we are set up to serve mankind. We focus entirely on restoring the wholeness of body, mind, spirit. We recognize and honor the inter-connected oneness of all diversities and faiths.

Our principles are simple:

- Intend no harm to no one or no thing -
- Good health for all mankind -
- Always do what feels right within your heart -
- Freedom for all mankind -

- In support of our principles, we hold sacred all communication between Infinite Being and ALL of it's creation. And uphold the never-ending empowerment of this connection.

Here you'll find a great deal of info about about proper sacramental uses of the Genesis II Church sacraments, also known as, Miracle Mineral Solution or Jim Humble's MMS Solution.

Details & Ordering info about Genesis II Church Sacraments, Water Purification Solutions, Miracle Mineral Solution or Jim Humble's Vision MMS Tablets can be found here.

* NOTE: The information, sacraments, services or technologies listed on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe. The Genesis II Church Sacraments are not medicines. None of our services, information or products are intended to replace the care or advise of a trained medical physician. You are solely responsible for how you use them.

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